From a very young age I have been fascinated with the creation, capturing, and manipulation of sound. From picking up instruments and experimenting with electronic music since the days of middle school, to eventually producing full albums with tons of talented musicians throughout my years at Rutgers University, recording and polishing audio has proven to become a huge part of who I am today.

Years of increasingly ambitious projects have left me with a skill set and confidence to tackle any new project that comes my way. Recently, audio ventures in the commercial and film worlds have opened up entirely new avenues in which to continually learn and refine my craft.

These days, I like to think of myself as vehicle for actualizing the creative visions that many people have in their heads but may not have the resources or facilities to carry out on their own. Working collaboratively with artists to create refined products, in many cases even better than their original ideation, is where I feel my greatest satisfaction.

My name is James Mehrkens, thanks for checking out my website.